Culti-Vate Explores #011 Claire Austin Hardy Plants Nursery

by Culti-Vate

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Back at the beginning of June I visited Claire Austin’s amazing Iris and Peony fields nestled between Welsh hills, as you can imagine (& see!) it was stunning. It was a glorious day, which just made the fields look even more beautiful. The Iris patch was packed full of delicate elegant Irises in every colour imaginable. I took hundreds of photos, below are just a select few of my favourites. My love of Peonies only really blossomed (sorry!) this year after using and learning about them at flower school in May, so a trip to a field full of them only increased my love of them! Especially when I wondered around the small field of newer varieties behind Claire’s garden. The Coral Charms were the size of Dinner plates, they were incredible! If only I’d had my snippers…

It seems only right that as our British Peony season is coming to a close I post this!

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