Tallulah Rose Flower School, Final Week

by Culti-Vate

IMG_5928 smallMy final week at Tallulah Rose flower school was full of flowers and the freedom to practise, play and create whatever I wanted. I opted for a couple of vase arrangements on the Tuesday and  also created a length of swag to practise for my final piece.

IMG_6018 small

During the week I had a Saffy day (Bath Flowers). This consisted of huge amounts of colour, many of which I would never normally choose or put together myself but it worked beautifully. I created various jug arrangements and a meadow style box, all bursting with colour, I was then given the task of decorating the window with my creations. I filled the window with the brightest fabric I could find and scattered my arrangements throughout the window and then hung all the left over flowers from the ceiling. The result was an explosion of colour to brighten up the grey cloudy day! IMG_6027 smallIMG_6085 small

Below are a few shots of my final piece, I opted for a large vase arrangement, a bridal hand tied bouquet and a long table swag. I originally planned to have peach, apricot and pink colours, but this wasn’t meant to be on the day we collected my flowers from the markets, so I did a quick colour scheme swap and went for dark reds & purples. This actually worked out much better, and I think out of all of the things I created over the course my final large vase arrangement was my favourite.

Now it’s all over (which is very sad, as I could easily have stayed at Tallulah Rose with lovely Rachel and Lemmy for another 4 weeks!), but now it is time for some serious business planning! I plan to share all of the stages of my new venture on here, showing its progress and growth.

I can’t recommend Tallulah Rose enough, it was a wonderful experience and I learnt so much. If you are considering a career in floristry or even just have a love of flowers and want to explore that, then do consider some of the great courses Rachel runs!

IMG_1140 smallIMG_6115 small IMG_6192 small IMG_6204 small IMG_6239 small

IMG_5936 small

I will miss Lemmy a lot! Here he is with his little Astrantia collar on.