Culti-Vate Explores #012 Various London Locations

by Culti-Vate

IMG_5732 copy IMG_5784 copy IMG_5849 copyKew Gardens

IMG_5870 copy IMG_5873 copyPetersham Nurseries

IMG_5981 copy IMG_5982 copy IMG_5989 copy IMG_6002 copy IMG_6005 copy IMG_6008 copy IMG_6012 copyGrow London

Hello! It has been a VERY VERY long time since I posted anything on here, I can only apologise and blame my NEW business! This is what took my attention away from Culti-Vate for so long, I will be blogging all about it very soon. Meanwhile here are a collection of images from a couple of places I visited during the summer months.

One of which was the new contemporary gardening show GROW London. I had very high hopes for this new modern take on a gardening show. Having spent a lot of my life at various flower shows, plant fairs & gardening shows I was hoping this would be a breath of fresh air and on some level it was, for start it was in a wonderful location, the show had a brilliant café and great toilets! The stalls themselves were overall a little disappointing, apart from a handful of beautifully decorated stands (Wildegoose, Claire Austin’s and Special Plants were all very attractive and eye catching!) and a few new exciting gardening products, it was basically the same as a normal show just smaller & very white. I was really hoping for more show gardens, or displays, there was a stunning floral display at the entrance by Shane Connolly (with plants from Crug Farm and Derry Watkins’ Special Plants), along with a few other little mini ‘show gardens’ dotted around the tent which were all beautifully planted and designed. As it was only its first year I am hoping that it will grow in size and in show gardens and become even more contemporary and innovative next year.