Tallulah Rose Flower School, Week Two

by Culti-Vate

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Week two was just as enjoyable and exciting as week one, if not better.

During week two we focused on Bridal arrangements from hand-tied bridal bouquets, buttonholes and pedestal arrangements, along with learning about bridal consultations, costing, quoting and all the technical aspects of creating and delivering wedding flowers. We started the week with Bridal bouquets, looking at a different shape and form of a hand tied bouquet. We learnt how to ribbon and pin, creating delicate streamers that complemented the bouquet.

Day two was focused on wiring, learning the different techniques of wiring and which flowers each technique suits. After grasping the basics of wiring flowers and foliage we created button holes to match our bridal bouquets from the previous day. We ended the day by making flamboyant flower crowns, mine was very large and full of beautiful peonies, ice cream tulips and cappuccino roses (I wore it for the rest of the day, even whilst cooking dinner…).

On day three we created the elegant candelabra arrangement and learnt how to construct a table swag. Day four was a team day, Jackie (fellow learner) and I worked together to create the garlands around a large picture frame.  This was a great exercise, it meant we really worked together to create a shape that complimented the frame and its opposite corners.

The last day of the week was a large arrangement day! We created massive pedestal pieces in vibrant purple and blue hues with stunning giant Delphiniums, pale blue Hydrangeas and beautiful reddish purple Stocks.

Week three was business week so I’m afraid there is no flower pictures at all! But my final week is about to hit the halfway mark and I already have loads of images to share!