Culti-Vate Explores #010 Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech

by Culti-Vate

IMG_0650 copyIMG_0588 copyAt the end of February I spent a few days in the bustling colourful city of Marrakech, while there I visited a garden that has been at the top of my ‘must visit‘ list for ages, Jardin Majorelle. It was originally designed my the French artist Jacques Majorelle and later owned by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé who bought the garden, saving it from being turned into a hotel. After Yves Saint Laurent’s death the stunning exotic garden was donated to the foundation in Paris which bears both their names in order for it to be preserved for everyone to enjoy.

It is a cacti lovers paradise, so my ideal place to spend a sunny Moroccan morning! With towering cacti, some over 10ft tall and giant succulents bursting through the borders, every corner you turn there is another incredible specimen, not to mention the agave with their beautiful pale grey leaves. This truly is worth a trip to Marrakech, I have’t ever seen cacti like it (and I doubt I will again!).

IMG_4556 copyIMG_4431 copyIMG_4496 copyThe iconic vivid and intense blue of the buildings, walls and pots set within the garden just adds to the exotic feel, bringing out the colours of the flowers and leaves. The garden itself isn’t large, just under two acres, but the variety of plants from around the globe is astonishing, with not only cacti and succulents but palms, bamboos and bougainvilleas too.

IMG_4545 copyIMG_0638 copyIMG_0564 copy 01IMG_4553 copy 02 IMG_0643 copyIMG_4456 copyI can’t get enough of this blue! Good job I bought a mini paint tin home with me, watch this space for blue pots popping up everywhere.

“…the vast splendours whose harmony I have orchestrated… This garden is a momentous task, to which I give myself entirely. It will take my last years from me and I will fall, exhausted, under its branches after having given it all my love.” – Jacques Majorelle