Culti-Vate Explores #008 A Winter Nursery

by Culti-Vate

IMG_3935 copyIMG_3963 copyWinter on a nursery is pretty bleak, piles of dead plants & empty broken pots fill the spaces where vigorous growing flora once was just a few moths ago. All the wear & tear of the previous seasons mayhem & madness starts to show now the plants have died back. Broken panes of glass, ripped poly tunnels and plants suffering from the cold, but there is something beautiful about the sleeping nursery waiting for that burst of spring to bring it all back to life. IMG_3946 copyIMG_3932 copy IMG_3961 copy IMG_3970 copyIMG_3967 copyIMG_3969 copyIMG_3989 copyIMG_3987 copyIMG_3982 copy

Photographs taken during January 2014.