Plant Appreciation #019 Michaelmas Daisy

by Culti-Vate

IMG_3048 copyCombe Margret

IMG_3051 copySt. Michael’s

IMG_3063 copyBarr’s Purple

IMG_3025 copyFoxy Emily

IMG_3030 copyRudolphe Goethe (below also)IMG_3046 copyIMG_3028 copyThe beds at The Picton GardenIMG_3042 copy IMG_3047 copy IMG_3067 copy

Michaelmas Dasies or Asters, herbaceous perennials that flower during September & October.

The Picton Garden, who hold the national collection of Asters, was exploding with Michaelmas daisies last week, they filled the borders with thousands of delicate daisy heads of varying shades of pink and purple. With beds in the garden specifically dedicated to identifying which varieties are which it’s the perfect place to choose your daisies, there is such a huge choice that the decision is impossible! Especially as they just keep getting better and better the more you explore the garden.

Above are a few of my favourite varieties, not only did I come home with a few plants but they also had bunches of cut Asters too so I just couldn’t resist those!