Culti-Vate Explores #005 Prospect Cottage, Dungeness

by Culti-Vate

Culti-Vate battled with the winds on a sunny morning at Dungeness beach to wander around Derek Jarman’s former home Prospect Cottage, with its screed beads and unique sculptures. IMG_2401 copy IMG_2404 copyIMG_2423 copyIn the pebbles beds surrounding the cottage you will find poppies, gorse, fennel, sea kale and so many more flourishing plants growing up the driftwood and metal sculptures. All the sculptures are created from objects found and gathered off the dungeness beach. 01 IMG_2451 copyThe words of  the poem ‘The Sunne Rising’ carefully placed along the side of the cottage.

The view from prospect cottage is a truly unique one, stretched out along the horizon the shingle beach is scattered with derelict shacks, fisherman’s huts, boats and various bits of unloved & unused fishing paraphernalia. With the power station behind you and a bleak empty expanse of ramshackle objects in front of you, prospect cottage really is in a unique location, it is almost quite eerie. IMG_2492 copy IMG_2496 copyCrambe maritima, Sea kale going to seed along the beach. Sea kale grows very well along this kent coast line, it is edible but not advise due to the being so close to the nuclear power plant. The kale creates patches of blues and greens, replicating the colour of the ocean teasing the derelict boats that they will never bob along the waves again.

IMG_2498 copy IMG_2508 copy