Plant Appreciation #018 Myoga Ginger

by Culti-Vate

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Myoga Ginger Zingiber mioga – a hardy perennial with edible shoots and flowers. A traditional Japanese crop, that likes woodland shade condition and can survive temperatures as low as -18 degrees celsius. The flowers are shredded thinly and often used as a garnish in Japanese cuisine, just like fresh ginger it has a very zingy refreshing flavour and can also be pickled. Myoga is also great for tempura, just slice in half and fry them with your other vegetables in the tempura batter.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks there will be some flowers to show you, they are just starting to bud up. This is the perfect plant if like us at Culti-Vate you love anything exotic or tropical looking, with a few of these in clumped in your garden you can create a real exotic garden look, and they stand the british weather!

The Myoga ginger photographed spent a little too long in the polytunnel, so please excuse the slightly scorched leaves.

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