Culti-Vate Homemade #014 British Flowers Harvest Time

by Culti-Vate


The fields surrounding us are full with gold ears of corn and barley all swaying in the wind just waiting for the harvest to begin. So with the likelihood of seeing the combine out of the window any day now, I thought a harvest themed arrangement was in order and gathered some crops before they were gone.

IMG_1806 copy

Teasel seed heads, Poppy seed heads, Barley, Oats,  Rowan branches and Fennel flowers. IMG_1815 copyNothing says  Autumn or harvest like the  smell of fresh cut hops, I remember when the air use to be filled with the smell of hops drying and the barns would be bursting with sack upon sack of pungent hop petals.  IMG_1818 copy IMG_1820 copy

IMG_1821 copy IMG_1822 copyIMG_1813 copy

The technical side… Florists foam isn’t something I normally use in my arrangements but as the branches need to cascade slightly and there wasn’t many stem or branches within this arrangement it seemed like the perfect tool to keep it all in place. I  recommend playing around with some before you use it in an arrangement if you haven’t used it before, as it can be quite tricky. If you change your mind on placement after poking your stems in you can end up with a lot of holes and not much foam left!

With Autumn fast approaching you can expect a few more autumnal Culti-Vate creations and inspirations in the next few weeks. Culti-Vate will also be sharing our harvest, the things we have gathered and grown in the last week or so. Additionally we shall be sharing more garden visits from this year, with Broughton Grange & Dixter coming up in the next few weeks, so keep checking back!