Culti-Vate Homemade #013 British Flowers

by Culti-Vate


This was an arrangement from a few weeks ago before all of these delightful flowers started to drop their petals. There really was no method to this floral arrangement, I just collected whatever was flowering and what ever looked pretty that I could get my hands on, it seemed to work out! Some time even the busiest, most chaotic of arrangements can look pretty if you match the colours and create drama with height and size. Also having a pretty vase helps too!

IMG_0152 copyIMG_0159 copyAchillea ‘Lilac Beauty’, Monarda ‘Croftway Pink’, Applemint, Verbena Hastata, Pink chicory, Teucrium Hircanicum & Clary sageIMG_0169 copy04IMG_0172 copy06IMG_0162 copyVerbena Bonariensis, Cosmos white & pink, Stachys ‘Hummelo’, Scabious ‘Black Knight’, Monarda ‘Garden View Scarlet’, Achillea & Vervain.

05IMG_0179 copy IMG_0198 copyMonardas are one of the most delightful plants to use as a cut flower as they have height and the colours are so vibrant. They add such a great scent to an arrangement as well,  just look at those flower heads! However, they do drop their petals quite quickly once cut.

IMG_0167 copy

Stored in the cool of the barn this arrangement lasted nearly two weeks and still looked as dramatic and full of summer!