Culti-Vate Homemade #010 Flower Cart

by Culti-Vate

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The other week here at Culti-Vates current home we made use of all the beautiful flowers that were in full bloom around us, instead of just letting them go over unloved and not enjoyed at we picked as many bunches as we could to set up a flower cart at the end of the driveway. Not bouquets or arrangements just lovely little bunches of single varieties for passers by to be tempted by. The old cart was lying around the farm yard, having previously been used to sell squashes and chillies when we couldn’t eat them quick enough, so it was perfect for the job! We used empty jam jars and buckets to display the bunches and attached little gift tags to each with the prices on. The honesty box was a lidded jar to keep out the elements and we used a chalk board on the opposite side of the road to advertise that the cart was there. Apart from a few of the little jars being blown over the flowers survived very well, and after a few days we had sold quite a few bunches!

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Bunches of  mixed sweet peas & nigella, lavender, alchemilla mollis, large lilies, ‘black knight’ scabious, dianthus ‘candy floss’ and various varieties of monarda. All starting from just a £1 (some of the sweet pea bunches were very dainty!)

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The Flower Cart will be back once the weather picks up again and we get more blooms to bunch up!