RHS Tatton Park Flower Show 2013

by Culti-Vate

RHS Tatton Park Flower Show July 25-28th 2013

Tatton park was by far the winner among all of the shows Culti-Vate has visited this year! It was bursting with colour and there were flowers everywhere! The hot weather we have had might have been a nightmare for watering but clearly brought out the best of the flowers. The designs and concepts behind so many of the gardens at Tatton this year seemed to have that extra edge. The gardens were more adventurous and interesting than so many we had seen this year, especially the Galaxy gardens, which was an exciting addition to the show. Each garden gave an intriguing and theatrical take on aspects of our galaxy, all inspired by Tatton parks proximity to Jodrell Bank.

The Floral MarqueeIMG_0648 copyIMG_0706 copy 01Hoyland Plant Centre’s pastel hued Agapanthus & Philip Tivey & Son’s sales table packed full of Alstroemerias ready for the public to open their purses! IMG_0682 copyHolden Clough Nursery 02The vibrant and colourful stands of Trecanna Nursery & Barnsdale Gardens. 05Pennard Plants lovely display of wooden crates filled with Agapanthus. A very pretty pink & cream Gladioli that was on the Pheasant Acre Plants stand. IMG_0721 copy Aldo Airplants sales area. 03IMG_0731 copyThis beautiful delphinium was on Brownthwaite Hardy Plants stall.
06 The Animals Went in Two by Two…this show feature garden is adorable with its willow Noah’s Ark sculptures made by the very talented Twigtwisters. The yellow garden hut in the second picture was placed among the pools of water and vivid planting in The Water Garden which was on of the main show gardens. IMG_0769 copy APL & Bradstone Precious Resource Garden designed by Paul Hervey-Brookes
IMG_0772 copy Sound Idea, designed by Clive Mollart & Clive Scott. This unique garden was designed specifically as a space to relax and meditate, the garden is full of soundscapes and colourscapes that react to the movement of people within the garden. This innovative and intriguing garden really shows another aspect of how a garden can aid in wellbeing. IMG_0781 copyThrough Nature is a garden designed by Tatton park Gardens and inspired by Beatrix Potters life. 07 IMG_0784 copyIMG_0793 copyRailways End, designed by Janet Leigh is one of the small gardens in the Grow area of the show.

The Galaxy Gardens – In Inspire

IMG_0989 copy Mu-No Thing, designed by Jonathan PriceIMG_0998 copy

IMG_0801 copy Gravitational Pull Garden, designed by Leon Davis & Brendan Vaughan, which won a gold medal and the award for Best Galaxy Garden.

IMG_0803 copy08 Life on Enceladus designed by Peter Styles.

Life on Enceladus is inspired by the scientific discovery that Enceladus (one of Saturn’s moons) could possibly be home to life forms, the garden takes on an arid dry landscape to represent the fantasy moonscape.  IMG_0809 copyIMG_0811 copy The Star Gazers Retreat designed by Mike Russel.

This garden had so many great elements to it, from the circular metal entrance with sedum’s growing through to the luminous white and silver planting that represent the light of the moon. This garden was a delight to walk around and through, the eclectic mix of object that gave the retreat a personal touch and the circular fence that ran around the garden with growing sedum’s that appeared to float like rings of a planet all added to its brilliant interpretation of the galaxy brief. 09IMG_0833 copyNational Schools’ Observatory Watch This Space, designed by Howard & Dori Miller.

This garden was a firm favourite, gleaning its inspiration from our spiral galaxy and black holes, this garden is created so you can wander through and explore it in detail. Viewing the galaxy through plants, there placement and their variety depicting the ages and aspects of this spiral galaxy. The spirals of succulents planted into the black reflected spiral formations in space and suspended Tillandsias representing matter being pulled into the black hole at the centre of the garden. Not only did this garden have great visual impact, but it also ticked all the boxes when it came to the concept and explanation behind its design and planting scheme. We wandered around this garden twice as it was that good we didn’t want to miss anything!

IMG_0846 copy10]IMG_0855 copy A Stainless Century, designed by Phil Hirst. IMG_0878 copy Networks: A Garden for Cancer Research UK, designed by Mary Hoult. The cancer research garden has some great planting with in it, as well as great structural elements such as the wire tubing used throughout the garden and the poles the sweet peas are climbing up and the fence around the garden. Its dexterity meant it created great twisted knots.

IMG_0891 copy

RHS National Young Designer of the Year Gardens in the Inspire area. These gardens are created by young designers as a way to showcase their talents and hopefully win the converted award for Best young designer of the year. These gardens show the creativity and innovation the designers used to build their gardens around the theme of ‘Eco Innovation’.

11 The Bees Garden, designed by Florain Degroise IMG_0909 copyGreEnCo Sense designed by Christopher James12 IMG_0928 copy Escape to the City, designed by Tony Wood IMG_0931 copyIMG_0954 copy An amazing addition to the show! 13This was a great pallet garden in the Allotment area of the Feast zone of the show. Pallet gardens have been very popular over the last year or so, Culti-Vate even created their own not so long ago, but this one seems to work particularly well with the terratex all the way down both sides. IMG_0967 copy IMG_0973 copy Natural Forces in Challenging Times, a feature garden designed by John Everiss in association with Groundwork Pennine Lancashire. With these two beautiful rutting stags made out of rusty metal balanced upon an undulating landscape, the feature gardens always add an extra element to the show. IMG_0974 copy

If you are going to Tatton this weekend then enjoy it! It really is a great show this year and make sure you take full advantage of all of the telescopes around the galaxy gardens.