Culti-Vate Homemade #009 Elderflower Cordial

by Culti-Vate

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The recipe below is for a great elderflower cordial, tried and tested, it tastes very summery and refreshing! So before this glorious weather makes all of those pretty white flowers go over get out there and make your own batch of elderflower cordial.

You will need;

approx. 30 elderflower heads (see above)

1.7 litres of boiling water

700g – 900g of caster sugar, depending on how sweet you like it.

50g of citric acid, easy to get from your local chemist

1 large orange sliced

2 unwaxed lemons sliced

Firstly rinse the elderflower heads to remove any bugs or dirt that might be lurking in the petals! Then dissolve the caster sugar in the boiling water, stirring regularly, once dissolved leave the mixture to cool. After it has cooled add the citric acid, then added the elderflowers and sliced fruit. Stir the mixture for a few mins and then leave in a cool place for up to 24 hours, occasionally stirring (which is a great task as you can smell the cordial getting stronger with that wonderful elderflower scent!). After 24 hours strain the liquid into a glass bottle and chill then it is ready to be ready to be enjoyed!

Best enjoyed with very cold sparking water, ice cubes and a lemon slice! A perfect refreshing drink for there hot summer days.

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