RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2013 Part Two

by Culti-Vate

IMG_0356 copy

This RHS show is in such a wonderful location, spreading out either side of the long water that stretches out in front of the great Hampton Court Palace. If you head to the lower end of the show site and gaze down the long water out to the parklands you might even be lucky enough to spot the herds of deer that graze among the trees.

Back to the gardens, and the Inspire Zone of this year’s show, which was full of the conceptual gardens, show gardens & low cost high impact gardens. Below is another favourite of ours at this year’s show; A Room with a View. This garden is a low cost high impact garden designed by Mike Harvey, which was created on a budget of £15,000. All the elements of this garden from the reclaimed timbers to the rust metal curtain are reflected in the colour palate of the garden. The silvered timber works so well with the golden brown coloured grasses & silver blue hues of Eryngium. We were so pleased to see that the garden won a gold medal.

IMG_0204 copy

IMG_0208 copy

Home Spun a small summer garden, designed by Kasia Howard & In At The Deep End, another Low cost High Impact garden, designed by Peter Cowell & Monty Richardson. gardens01

The Garden Pad, a summer garden designed by Dan BowyerIMG_9815 copy

The Ecover Garden designed by Matthew Childs. This garden was created to reflect on how water is life, and how it is under threat from pollution and wasted plastic. The garden shows Ecover is helping find solutions to these issues with products that are sustainable and aid in the water recovery. The movement and colour of water is represented in the planting scheme throughout the garden, the drifts of magenta flowers represent Ecover’s innovative packaging. We loved the planting in this garden, which included great blocks of lilacs and blues weaving around the structures, which really showed motion within the garden.

ecover01 IMG_9825 copyIMG_0220 copy

Ashes to Ashes a conceptual garden designed by Bruce WaldockIMG_9842 copy

Falls the Shadow conceptual garden & The Native Shower summer gardenconceptual garden 01

Tip of the Iceberg a conceptual garden designed by Caroline Tait & John Esling

We thought this was great garden, it really shows how you can bring a new lease of life to a mundane household object when it is no longer need (all the fridges are pre-owned). The use of alpines complement the chilly environment of each fridges, and the bursts of colour from the alpine flowers complements the bright clean white form of each fridge brilliantly.

IMG_0242 copy IMG_9849 copy

I Disappear, a conceptual garden designed Arek Luc. It was great talk to the designer of this garden and understand the meaning and logic behind his design and why he wanted to create such a dramatic thought provoking garden.

IMG_9866 copy IMG_9868 copy

The Claw,  a conceptual garden designed by Jon TilleyIMG_9873 copy
The Clints & Grykes conceptual garden designed by Benedict Green

This was by far a favourite form this year, being big fans of clean white minimal lines and forms we were drawn to this gleaming limestone garden! The garden had a great contrast between the ordered bold lines of the limestone blocks and the lush greenery that tumbled through the gaps. Giving a really big burst of colour and making the angular shapes appear more natural, achieving the aim of the garden to capture the natural beauty of the limestone landscape.

IMG_9885 copyIMG_9878 copy

Smoke on the water  is a feature garden, we could find out much information about this garden, or whether it even was a show garden?! It was hidden behind the Honda sales tent. We were very intrigued! IMG_9912 copy

The McCarthy & Stone Garden designed by Chris Beardshaw is a main show garden, it was beautifully planted as I am sure you would expect when Chris Beardshaw is involved. We also were very lucky to catch John Ellis (ex-guitarist of The Stranglers) while he performed within the garden in the morning, before his scheduled photo-call performance later that day, it was a real treat to be serenaded as we wandered through the show garden.

IMG_0286 copy chirsbearshow01 IMG_0308 copychirsbearshow02

Over the long water in the Grow zone of the show is where all of the plant plots are situated, along with lots of great sundries and the kids scarecrow competition. Each plant plot has a small square display in front of their stand, to create and attract the mini garden and entice the paying public in! There were some gorgeous plants this year that we could of easily come home with a car full! Below are a couple of shots of the plant plots and some of the great plants that are for sale at this year’s show! IMG_9964 copyIMG_9978 copyIMG_9965 copyIMG_9987 copy plantplot01 IMG_9988 copyIMG_9981 copyIMG_9975 copy

A couple of examples of the children’s scarecrow competition.

The floral marquee.

A few snaps of the floral marquee. You can see the other press people snapping away at the great floral displays in the marquee!

IMG_0037 copyfloral marquee01IMG_0390 copyfloral marquee02

IMG_0399 copy

If you are going to the show this week then enjoy yourself, there is so much to see! See you next year Hampton court!