Culti-Vate Homemade #008 Crowns & Cages

by Culti-Vate

Earlier in the year I posted about these lovely antique crowns, I got them as a christmas gift and they have been sat in my room ever since, desperate to be used! I wanted something to tangle round them, ideally with pretty flowers to add some colour, I have an abundance of sweet peas this year but I felt they would be a little large and take over! So when I saw these delicate tiny electric blue sweet peas and they seemed perfect for the job, small enough not to over shadow the crowns.

Each crown is pushed just inside of the terracota pots and then each pea has been gently twisted and curled round the crowns detailed prongs.

IMG_9111 copyIMG_9118 copy

My next mini project was to use this old rusty parrot cage for something, not the easiest thing to plant up! The cage appeared last week from a lovely lady who brings my mum old and odd bits of vintage gardenalia. She has brought old bread bins, lawn mowers, wooden wheel barrows and all sorts of galvanised containers but I would say this cage is the oddest item so far. It was exchanged for some plants and I commandeered it very quickly!

As it has no great depth to the base there was no way of planting directly in the cage, so the idea of planting something to sit inside it seemed the best idea. When I noticed the hole in the top for a hook (obviously where the parrots perch would of hung from) the idea of a small hanging basket popped into my head…

So below is how I planted and hung the basket inside the cage!

IMG_9121 copy

Old parrot cageIMG_9122 copy

Two large Heirloom sweet peas & an old rust hanging basket – line your hanging basket with either coir matting as I did or alternatively hessian. grouped01

I attached the basket by its chain to the hole in the top of the cage with strong wire.
IMG_9129 copy

I am hoping the sweet peas will tangle their way around the cage and the hanging basket chain creating a very pretty eye catching display inside. I want it to look overgrown and disused, but full of flowers!

I will keep you updated with its progress…