Culti-Vate Homemade #009 British Flowers

by Culti-Vate

IMG_9072 copyInspired by it being British flower week last week I took to the garden and collected some beautiful blooms to get creative with. I didn’t want to just collect flowers I wanted, but ones with unusual and interesting foliage. Each small arrangement has a limited colour pallet to show each of the flower varieties off. All of the arrangements I made are quite natural and informal, quite messy maybe! I much prefer the natural style to perfectly precise placement of flowers as it reflects the environment they have been grown in. IMG_9073 copy

Matching my flowers to my table! Below are some of the flowers I used in the small arrangements. IMG_9074 copyIMG_9077 copyIMG_9085 copyIMG_9084 copy

IMG_9087 copy IMG_9098 copy IMG_9099 copy

Variegated horseradish leaves ar one of my favourite leaves, they are so elaborate with their colour and size! IMG_9104 copy IMG_9109 copy

Horseradish leaves for that something different, Angelica seed heads, Lovage for base foliage, Foxgloves for height, frilly background Cow Parsley, Aquilegias & Delphiniums to add height with the Foxgloves. I loved creating this vase of flowers, it was fun to go big after playing with small arrangements all day! Horseradish is definitely a plant I will be featuring more of soon, it’s just so attractive!