RHS Gardener’s World Live 2013

by Culti-Vate

Gardener’s World Live 2013 – Build up Day.

Gardeners World was quite some time ago now, and I am sure everyone is gearing up for Hampton Court Palace by now (I will be blogging from there on July 8th, my first press day! Very exciting). Regardless of the delay I still wanted to post about it as I captured a time at the show that most people dont get to see, (unless you are an exhibitor yourself) I was lucky enough to explore the show on the last build up day. The day when panic sets in to get everything done by the judging deadline.

IMG_8220 copySome of the displays were all finished, like Barnsdale nurseries above, just waiting to be judged later that afternoon, some were adding those final touches of moss or dead heading flowers, while others were in full panic mode trying to to get it all done with crates still full of plants to waiting to be added to their stands.

grouped01 IMG_8244 copyIMG_8361 copyThe cut flower displays, Calla lilies and orchids are always the last to set up as they want their flowers look at their absolute best ready to be judged, so the less time they have been inside the tent the better. I always think when I wander round a show inside a large marquee what a dreadful place it is for the plants, the light levels are always bad which causes the plants to stretch for light and the temperature is always a few degrees higher – great if its chilly out side but if you get a hot day it becomes sweltering in there!

IMG_8275 copyIMG_8276 copy IMG_8277 copygrouped02 IMG_8287 copy IMG_8296 copyI hope some one came to claim this poor crate of plants later in the day it looked like it had been rejected and abandoned in the middle of the marquee.

grouped04 IMG_8297 copy IMG_8326 copy IMG_8358 copy IMG_8360 copy IMG_8355 copy IMG_8363 copy IMG_8366 copy IMG_8368 copyBirmingham city council looked like they still had quite a lot to do with old books and crates of plants everywhere around their stand, with not one person in sight!? It did all come together for them though, as they won best in show.

IMG_8381 copy

IMG_8387 copy

Below are some of the show gardens and small border gardens that were featured outside at the show. The border gardens were being judged as I was wandering around them so it was quite tricky to photograph them. You can see the gang of RHS judges in the photo below.grouped06 IMG_8423 copy IMG_8420 copy IMG_8415 copyIMG_8451 copygrouped08The Plant Van, where I stopped to admire the vintage garden tools and crates and had a lovely chat with Erica Ward who runs The Plant Van. Erica’s son (only 14!) had also built the ‘No ball games’ small garden pictured above, which he was awarded a silver medal for. So congratulations to him.

IMG_8435 copyThis show garden was titled ‘In Perspective’ – it was about strong contrasts and how we perceive things around us, a very interesting garden which makes a lot of sense once you have read the thoughts and ideas behind it. I always enjoy seeing show gardens were the designer has taken the garden in a conceptual direction.

IMG_8449 copygrouped07IMG_8431 copyI love a wild meadow and an old barn and this show garden depicted that so well! Complete contrast to the contemporary and conceptual gardens being far more traditional and quintessentially English, but just as interesting and even more attractive. I couldn’t photograph all of the show gardens because, as with the small gardens, they were being judged.

IMG_8429 copyApologises for being so late with this one, but I hope it was enjoyable nonetheless.