Culti-Vate Homemade #007 Sweet pea Arch

by Culti-Vate

This year I am growing a few varieties of sweet peas, a mixed selection of heirloom sweet peas. With so many of them growing I wanted to plant some for my parents to enjoy in their small patch on the nursery. So I decided that with these tubs and a few bamboo canes that were lying around I would fashion an arch for the peas to grow up and over.

IMG_7913 copy IMG_7917 copyIMG_7916 copy IMG_7922 copy

All of the canes are tied roughly tightly together with garden twine.IMG_7925 copy IMG_7926 copy IMG_7927 copy IMG_7931 copy

The old tubs are planted with a mixture of blues and heirloom varieties of sweet peas, hopefully they will tangle together and cover the arch in beautiful pastel flowers. IMG_7932 copy IMG_7935 copy IMG_7937 copy

It may not be the most elegant of structures but once the sweet peas take over it will a mass of coloured petals and tangled stems!