Floral Inspiration #021

by Culti-Vate

Adeline for Leaves

A film by Jessica S. Rinland

ADELINE FOR LEAVES – promo from J.S.Rinland on Vimeo.

‘Adeline for Leaves’ is a story about a 12 year old girl with a passion for gardening, and an obsession with houseplants. She sets on the task of creating a unique new species of cactus, the ‘Blue Night Blooming Hedgehog’, with aid and encouragement from her 80 year old best friend Henry. Adeline also runs a blog, showing one of the few modern elements to her life, where by she gives advice on plants to her elderly friends & followers.

Jessica Rinland captures the quintessential britishness of gardening, being inspired of her own experiences of the world of horticulture from visits to Hampton Court Flower show and having a mother who adored plants. She created an ethereal and absorbing world that adeline lives in, through her use of 16mm film to capture the beautiful moments throughout her film.

I am hoping to be able to catch ‘Adeline for Leaves’ somewhere during the next few months! From the trailer it looks truly mesmerising.


For more info go to Jessica S. Rinland’s website

Visit Adeline for Leaves tumblr page for some amazing old gardening shots.

All info collected via the PRESS RELEASE for ‘Adeline for Leaves’.