Plant Appreciation #015

by Culti-Vate

Ranunculus asiaticus or ‘Persian buttercup’

IMG_6429 copy

Ranunculus are definitely one of my favourite flowers! They are so beautiful with their layers upon layers of delicate crepe paper like petals in vivid bold colours. With each day the flowers just get better and better as they open up displaying more intricate layers of petals. Creating blooms as big as your hands, they are serious show stoppers! I could only get my hands on a few colours, but there is such an array of vibrant colours out there – shades of yellow, orange, pale pink, red and cerise. The new covent garden flower market blog has a fantastic post showing some of the amazing colours they come in. HERE!

Often a favourite in flower arranging, due to their bright bold colours, beautiful petals and bloom size but also they last well once cut, around 7-10 days or if they are the larger headed ‘Cloni’ varitety then 2-3 weeks. They really add drama to an arrangement. I haven’t yet had a chance to play with these wonderful flowers, but I have some more to plant for some blooms later in the year.

IMG_6427 copy02 two flowers

They are relatively easy to grow, they like to be in a well drained, sheltered and sunny position. They don’t like to be cold or damp so make sure you avoid this, if you are growing them in a pot or container then maybe add some grit to your compost to aid with drainage.

Ranunculus grow from tubers, much like Dahlias, except they are smaller and look akin to little dangling claw like legs! The tubers need to be soaked for 24 hours prior to planting out, plant them claws downwards into the soil. When planting them consider the spacing between tubers as you want to give your Ranunculus enough space so they bloom to their full ability, around 10 – 15cm.

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Ranunculus in one of our Culti-Vate boxes

01 two flowers IMG_6432 copy IMG_6425 copyIMG_6965 copy

I have white, red and a mixed bag which I am hoping won’t be full of yellows as I already have quite a few yellow plants. IMG_6938 copyIMG_6941 copy

Ranunculus tuberIMG_6943 copy IMG_6946 copy

More info on Ranunculus