Cult-Vate Live at Malvern Spring Show Part #002

by Culti-Vate

Malvern Spring Gardening Show at the three counties show ground was on from May 8th – May 11th this year and what a show it was! Despite the very late season there was a fantastic array of plants on display. Here are a few of Culti-Vate’s highlights from the show!

Floral Marquee Stands

IMG_6759 copy

To start with, my favourite display  was in the floral marquee this year, Hampshire Carnivorous Plants. I am not normally a fan of carnivorous plants but this stand was just so full of life and colour I couldn’t help but love it. The vivid colours and intricate patterns of each of the plants were mesmerising. I am looking forward to seeing their display at Chelsea this year, hopefully they will be adding to their tally of Chelsea golds! They won gold at Malvern for this display.

Hampshire Carnivorous Plants

02 carnivIMG_6783 copy 01 carniv

Craig House Cacti  had a great display, with some very impressive mature cacti. (gold medal) IMG_6761 copy

The best floral marquee exhibit prize went to Southfield Nurseries for their fabulous cacti stand, there was so much colour!

IMG_6771 copyIMG_6769 copy

Pleinoe & Hostas, an amazing ‘White Feather’ Hostas, this is on my ‘must grow’ list.08 garden

Matthewmans Sweetpeas (gold medal)IMG_6777 copyIMG_6773 copy

Another great cacti stand in the marquee was The Plant Lovers, I got some great help and advise here along with two new additions to my  growing succulent & cacti collection. (silver-gilt medal)

IMG_6766 copy

Grafton Nursery  – I purchased a great Eucalyptus glaucescens from here, more info coming soon. They also had great plant pots! (gold medal)07 gardenIMG_6819 copy

Warmenhoven had a very dramatic and colourful display, the amaryllis were particularly spectacular! (gold medal)
IMG_6809 copy IMG_6811 copy

Show Gardens

There were quite a few show gardens, 15 to be exact. All of which had appealing features, but the two that stood out the most to me personally are the ones photographed below. I chose these two for similar reasons; they both had very naturalistic planting and both had unique design styles, two of the things that always stand out to me in show gardens. Don’t get me wrong I love innovative raised beds and planters and neat stone paths teamed with elegant structures, but sometimes it’s the more chaotic natural elements that work the best and stand out the most.  The burial garden in particular had wonderful grassy mounds with intermingled ‘Ravenswing’ Anthriscus sylvestris and cowslips Primula veris. I can see my mum re-creating the Boathouse in her woodland, she has had half a small rowing boat lying around since she persuaded dad into bringing it back from another exhibit at Chelsea one year! 

Boathouse No.9 by Mark Eveleigh (silver-gilt medal)

05 gardenIMG_6862 copy

Natural Burial Site Garden by Felix Dennis Estate, designer Ann Sharrock (bronze medal)

IMG_6868 copyIMG_6867 copy

The amateur gardener categories – always a favourite!03 flowers IMG_6904 copy IMG_6897 copy

The colour of the Primula auricula ‘ice cap’ is perfect, this has to be my favourite flower of the show. It won 1st prize in it’s category.

IMG_6909 copy

Malvern Spring was great fun this year, not just hard work! Culti-Vate met a lot of great people who were extremely helpful and encouraging, some of who you will be hearing more about later in the year. Our little Culti-Vate stand did quite well, hopefully if you came to the show you saw our lovely boxes of edibles and displays of flowering Ranunculus.

IMG_6821 copy