Plant Appreciation #014

by Culti-Vate

Angelica archangelica

Angelica is by far one of my favourite plants. It’s towering height, broad deep green leaves, elegant stems & the delightful scent of gin and tonic that is given out when you snap off one of the sturdy hollow stems, makes me feel very summery, reminds me of warm days and luscious borders.

Angelica is a biennial, it only grows bushy large leaves in the first year, then dies down fully in winter. In its second year Angelica flowers can grow up to two meters in height becoming more majestic and elegant as it grows. It also spreads and bushes out more to create great clumps. With its large spread & height Angelica makes a wonderful plant for the back of you border. Angelica’s flowers grow to large globular umbels, yellowish white in colour and look wonderful in a floral arrangement, either fresh or when they have gone to seed. The seed heads can create a dramatic silhouette when dried and arranged.

All of the Angelica is edible, the roots in the first year, leaves in the second and the seeds when mature. It is often used in confectionary and baking, and is also used in flavouring drinks. Angelica is also fully hardy so there is no need to worry about it out in your garden.

Angelicas grow best in moist woodland areas, but as you can see these seem to be very at home amid the terratex. They have been growing here for years, and each year more seem to pop up! Self seeding themselves, so they must be happy!

IMG_6391 copy
IMG_6390 copy
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