Culti-Vate Live

by Culti-Vate


Culti-Vate has had a small project in the pipeline for a while, so now is the time to spill.

Culti-Vate was kindly asked by the people over at The Great Spring Gardening Event, which is organised by the British Red Cross, to come up with a interesting display on the tables in the catering marquee. So Culti-Vate excitedly agreed and started to plan, not only for the table centers but the little stall space that we have also been given.

The table displays are each a box of selected edible plants, that include a folded leaflet that provides information on the care and use of them. They are aesthetically appealing so will offer a delightfully sensory addition to the home, and importantly they are relevant to the marquee itself due to their edibility! The Culti-Vate stall will be selling a range of horticulture related products, such as plant label bundels, unique greeting cards and seed packets. The seed packets include multiple variaties of edible salads. Also included is information on growing and caring for you plants and a colour palette that corresponds to the colours of the leaves that will be growing. All products are designed and made by Culti-Vate specifically for the event.

The Great Spring Event is once again being held at Whitfield Estate in Herefordshire. The gardens at the estate are particularly attractive, and include a walled garden, wild flowers, and ancient trees. The event is on Wednesday 24th of April from 10.30am till 4.30 pm. Do not fret, it will not just be us on a lonesome stall as we will be joined by over 80 other exhibitors selling an array of exciting produce.

The Culti-Vate leaflet attached to the table center pieces
Culti-Vate unique seed packets, including 4 varieties of seed, growing info & a colour palett 
Plant Labels
Culti-Vate Plant Labels