Flower Shows #001

by Culti-Vate


Chelsea 1955

So we are just over four weeks away from The RHS Chelsea Flower show, this year marks its 100th year as I am sure you are aware of, if like me you have been a lover of Chelsea for some time.

I have been attending Chelsea Flower show since I was very small, my parents have built beautiful displays in the floral pavilion on more than one occasion (they hold numerous gold medals, and for this I will forever be so proud). I would often be smuggled in under a duvet in the lorry cab before being put to work dead heading or sorting labels, becoming bored extremely quickly! I also spent a very exciting manic 10 days working for the RHS at Chelsea one year, an experience that made me love this flower show even more.

I now visit Chelsea as a regular member of the public, taking in the sights, scents & bustling atmosphere of this unique flower show.  Having parents on the show circuit means I have visited most of the RHS shows, and as some one who now appreciates the shows from more of a horticultural point of view than as just a giant play ground, I can easily say that Chelsea is nothing like any of the other flower shows. Yes, the principle is the same with ‘Show gardens’ ‘Floral Marquee’ & ‘Sundries’ and the facilities of each show do not differ, but the feel of Chelsea is altogether very different. It has a very energetic atmosphere, almost hyper-active, with the sense of being transported into a horticultural bubble that has that quintessential English appeal.

Below are three of the show gardens that will be at this years Chelsea Flower Show that I am most excited to see. Firstly, I am interested in how Christopher Bradley-Hole will portray the historical evolution of our landscape with his planting to develop the idea of an ever expanding civilisation. Secondly, I am looking forward to seeing how Kate Gould incorporates industrial elements into the ‘re-using’ philosophy of her show garden. Finally, I am excited to see the novel use of a leather in the garden with not only appliquéd wall planels, but also within the water feature itself!

Let’s Hope the sun is shining! Chelsea is perfect on a warm sunny day with a Pimm’s in hand.

Culti-Vate will be blogging about the Chelsea experience, with lots of photographs and details of the show around May 23rd.

Christopher Bradley-Hole – ‘The Daily Telegraph Garden’
Kate Gould – ‘Kate Gould Garden’
Susannah Hunter with Catherine McDonald – ‘Massachusetts Garden’
All images via Google, the Telegraph & RHS.