Culti-Vate Homemade #002 Tulip Bulbs

by Culti-Vate

Every year a large quantity of bulbs are ordered by my parents, they plant them in any spare box, tub, pot or ditch around their home they can find. So by spring there is a mass of colourful tulips everywhere & an abundance of stems for cutting & filling every vase in the house (my mother adores tulips). They also plant pots & pots of them up for family members & close friends (it sorts out any christmas gift problems). I have always thought this is a lovely idea, who wouldn’t want a gift you can watch grow & bloom into beautiful vibrant coloured tulips! 
As there was a couple of little sacks left over I thought I would plant a few pots of my own, below is a step by step photographic guide of what I did. I know this isn’t the ideal time of year to be planting my bulbs out, but it seemed sad to let so many go to waste. Especially when it was two of the prettiest varieties left over, ‘Gwen’ which is a white with pale lilac edges and ‘Exotic Emperor’, which is a double petaled creamy off white with hints of green. 
Once they start to bud & bloom I will post an update, so you can see just how pretty they are.  





tulipsTulip images via google