Flora Inspiration #010

by Culti-Vate

Rosemary Lindsay – botanical artist.
All of the images below are from postcards we collected at our local botanical garden gift shop, it’s a very quirky little shop that plays bird noises all day long & has an array of books, card & posters all to do with gardens & wildlife.
We just couldn’t resist buying them! The detail and colour is just lovely, we especially love the Fig (image set 4) and the Fern (image set 5). Rosemary is an award winning botanical artist, who also has a wonderful garden in London that is open every year as part of the NGS gardens open for charity. She is an SBA member and has been featured in many exhibitions around the country over the years. Her postcards are self published, along with a wide variety of other cards and  she also sells the originals of these beautiful drawings and paintings. 
Rosemary Lindsay’s website with more info.

allium&cowparsleyfieldseedheads & poppy seedborage & love-in-a-mistfig & pomleaf fall & fern

Image set 1 – Allium seed head ‘Allium christophii’ & Cow Parsley seed head ‘Anthriscus sylvestris’
Image set 2 – Poppy seed head ‘Papaver somniferum’ & Field seed heads inc. Yarrow ‘Achillea millefolium’ & Rush ‘ Juncus subuliflorus’
Image set 3 – Love-in-a-mist seed head ‘ Nigella damascena’ & Borage ‘Borago officinalis’
Image set 4 – Fig ‘Ficus carica’ & Pomegranate ‘Punica granatum’
Image set 5 – Leaf Fall Horse chestnut leaf ‘Aesculus hippocastanum’ & Fern ‘Blechnum spicant’