Plant Appreciation #010 Mistletoe Special

by Culti-Vate

Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Auction
On Tuesday the 27th of November we visited the first of the mistletoe auctions in the Tenbury Mistletoe Festival in Tenbury Wells (a small market town in Worcestershire). The auctions are one of the main events in the mistletoe season, which runs from late November to mid-December. The mistletoe auction has been a tradition in Tenbury for over 100 years, and what an impressive sight it is! We were amazed at the amount of mistletoe, there were row after row of it, from small tied up bundles to large bundles still attached to their branches! Each bundle is weighed before it is auctioned, we would love to know how they managed to weigh the giant yellow sacks of mistletoe. There wasn’t just mistletoe either, oh no there were also lots of holy in all shades and colours, spiky and not so spiky, all with berries galore. Along with the holy and mistletoe were groups of wreathes in all shapes and sizes, it was a very festive sight! Although we could only bare the cold air for so long, it was great to be in the bustling atmosphere of the outdoor auction!
We would highly recommend a visit to one of Tenbury’s mistletoe events, whether it be an auction or one of the other festive treats they have on over the next few weeks. You can find info on these events by clicking the link above.
The next auction date is Tuesday December 4th. More info on the auction click HERE.

Rows & rows of wreaths were up for auction along with the mistletoe & holy, some were very lovely and simple, others were… not so.

Beautiful vibrant holy.