Flora Inspiration #007

by Culti-Vate

These cards were found in the gardening section of books in the local charity shop, they are titled ‘Webbs’ Gardening Cards – Flowering bulbs & corms’ with the second pack all about ‘Flowers from seed’. There are 20 cards in each pack, each different & each with information about the pictured plant or its family on the back. When we saw them we just had to have them, as we have a similar idea in the pipe line for our up coming seed project (keep a look out!).
They are not only a delight to look at with their over exposed colour & muted tones, but they also hold some great tips & information. They are inspiring us to overexpose & saturate our flower, plant and seed images. We particularly love No.17 ‘Lunaria’, what a great seed picture, accompanying our recent seed head projects really well. We also think No.9 ‘Snakeshead Fritillary’ & No.15 ‘Cacti & Succulents are wonderful!. 40 cards full of knowledge for just £2.00! Amazon has some listed HERE if you wish to buy your own.


1. Common Snowdrop – Galanthus nivalis, 2. Tulip, 3. African Corn Lily – Ixia naculata, 4. Iris – Spanish Iris, 5. Bluebell – Scilla campanulata, 6. Gladioli, Corn Flag, Sword Lily – Gadiolus, 7. Gory of the Snow – Chionodoxa, 8. Belladonna Lily, Naked Lady – Amaryllis belladonna, 9. Snakeshead Fritillary – Fritillaria meleagris, 10. Black eyed Susan vine – Thunbergia alata, 11. Gardener’s Garters, Brides Grass – Phalaris arundinacea picta , 12. Busy Lizzie – Impatiens walleriana, 13. Sea Holly – Eryngium, 14. Horsenettle – Solanum, 15. Cacti & Succulents, 16. Morning Glory – Ipomoea, 17. Perennial Honesty – Lunaria, 18. Himalayan Poppy – Meconopsis betonicifolia. 
(the cards were scanned, no colours were digitally edited)