Plant Appreciation #008

by Culti-Vate

Amaranthus ‘Red Army’ 
This deep cherry red Amaranth first came to our attention in a lovely bowl of salad one lunch time and since then we have fallen in love with it, especially after seeing it at Hampton Court Gardens & Castle this Autumn. It is used as a salad leaf, the baby leaves have a very delicate taste – like an earthy pea, which is why it is popular with chefs. They are also a great micro green for micro salads (the popular food trend) & garnishing. However, if you leave Amaranth to grow over summer in your garden this could be the result… 
It is arguably far more impressive than micro leaves. These tall spires of deep red create a dramatic block of colour against this old brick wall, the flower heads seem to become more vivid as the leaves become larger and start to fade to hues of redish browns & burgundy adding more depth to these lofty edibles. 
We would recommend anyone to grow these in their garden next year, you will not only be adding colour to your salad bowl but to your garden as well.

These images Amaranth ‘Red Army’ were taken this October at Hampton Court Gardens & Castle.