Flora Inspiration #006

by Culti-Vate

The theme of this inspiration list is pumpkins. Since it is the season for them & it is Halloween next week we thought it was fitting to dedicate a post to them. We may not celebrate Halloween like in other countries here in the UK but that doesn’t change the fact that pumpkins can be great fun, look amazing and they are also very very delicious! 
image via Flickr, Duane Rapp
image via tumblr
Martha Stewart pumpkins these and the designs below are amazing. We will defiantly be trying a design like these this halloween.
image via tumblr
Something a bit different…
Paper Pumpkin made out of an old book, image via etsy
Pumpkin Varieties 
Below are just a handful of the many different varieties, all with something a bit more exciting than the normal pumpkins you see in your local shops.
You should consider these when growing for next year’s Halloween! 
Pumpkin Lumina – Lumina are ghostly eerie white pumpkin perfect for your halloween fun, smooth in texture & taste delicious! They are about 8″ – 10″, so a good side for carving! 
Rouge Vif D’Etampes or Cinderella – Heirloom. A lovely scarlet colour, named Cinderella as they resemble the pumpkin that turned into her carriage. Around 12″ – 18″ in size a beautiful pumpkin for any autumnal display, also with plenty of carving space! 
Wee-be-little – These are minature pumpkins, teeny tiny little things about the size of a tennis ball. They are perfect pumpkins for young ones at Halloween!
The opposite scale of pumpkins Dill’s Giant… click the link to have a look what we mean, these pumpkins are truly HUGE! 
HERE you can find lists of more variaties & HERE both lists give great information on what each pumpkin looks like, & how they grow. 
We hope you will all be heading out to buy your pumpkins for carving! 
Have a Happy Halloween!