Plant Appreciation #007

by Culti-Vate

Colchicum Autumnale or Autumn Crocuses, Meadow Saffron or Naked Lady.
These delicate pale pinky lilac flowers are almost iridescent & translucent in the autumn sunlight. They appear very fragile with their thin stems, it was difficult to find a large group that were all upright as most of the had succumb to the wind.    
These dainty clusters of Crocuses were spotted in Sheffield Botanical gardens, there are dotted all around the gardens and are especially prominent in the rose beds at the moment. These Crocuses are such a lovely pale pastel lilac colour, not your normal autumn colours, we have a real love for lilac at the moment. 

These deeper lilac/violet coloured Crocuses were featured in a great RHS floral exhibit at Malvern Autumn show this year, they are Crocus Banaticus. These delicate crocuses have beautiful inner tepals with frills, so dainty!