Flora Inspiration #005

by Culti-Vate

I recently purchased a book all about house plants, how to grow what to grow and all the other little tips needed to fill your home with greenery! Those limited on space, but still with a lust for all things horticulture should really think about investing in an elegant, quirky or beautiful planter to show off some indoor plants!
These are a few I love, not only do they look great but they all do their job. All have links below so you can purchase them…  

1.Concrete – I absolutely love this one, I could see it on my window ledge or on my bookcase easily! The colour is wonderful.  2.Pyramid Orb 3.Teardrop ceramic planter 4.Glass Terrarium 5.Terracotta wall planter  6.Geo planter 
7.Diamond hanging planter  8.Concrete Geodesic planter 9.Bevel Geodesic Glass planter – I can just see the rainbow that would be reflected over my walls with this one, the glass in this would just add more intrest and colour to whatever was planted it. 10.Finial Air planter 11.Hanging upside down air planter
If you know of any stunning planters then let us at Culti-Vate know!