Flora Inspiration #004

by Culti-Vate

This weeks Flora & Fauna Inspiration is all about plant photography… 
Here are a few photographs I have been admiring recently. 

1. Andy Small fine art photography – Chinese Lantern, 2. Polina Plotnikova artistic plant photographer, 3 & 4. Sue Heath Photography, 5. John Faherty photography via flickr, 6 & 7. This is called ‘Flower Play’ it’s an interactive piece so please please head over to the site and have a play, multiple faded flowers pop up as you scroll over the box playing an etherial tune. click here to have a go!
(All images above are found via the internet, all artists/photographers are credited with links. If you do not wish to be listed here please email me and I will remove your image. I take no credit for these images.)