Reading Material #001

by Culti-Vate

These are two of the Horticulture related books/magazines I have been peeking at recently…
Firstly is ‘The Chelsea Flower Show’ by Hester Marsden-Smedley, published in 1976. It talks about the wonder and history of the show. Chelsea is regarded as THE horticultural flower show and it happens once a year in late May. Next year is 100 years of the glorious flower show, I’m sure it will be celebrating this bench mark in style! I am already excited for it! 
This book was purchased from Richard Booth’s Bookshop in Hay-on-wye.

Lets hope Chelsea Flower show packs in a crowd next year like the one shown above!
Secondly is Wilder Quarterly, this little publication is becoming my favourite magazine! This is issue 3, volume 1 ‘Summer 2012’. This is the second time I have purchased Wilder Quarterly, it isn’t the cheapest magazine as postage to the UK is nearly as much as the magazine itself! Luckily it is a quarterly so I only have to fork out 4 times a year! But believe me it’s worth it, jam packed with wonderful photographs, interesting stories and helpful info, and even the odd recipe!
It is wonderfully written and beautifully laid out (I am a sucker for a good layout) this magazine is a must if you love your flora. BUY IT HERE…
All images taken by PeachyF.